Kosta Eleftheriou

Founder & CEO

Kosta has been thinking of ways to make computers "amaze" their users in ways that are both intelligent and creative. And then he makes magic a reality.

Ioannis Verdelis

Founder & COO

Ioannis has been at the forefront of the development and fast growth of small businesses which have come to become leaders in their fields.

Troy Cross

VP of Business Development

Troy has been leading business and sales organizations for years. Armed with past experience at Vlingo and Nuance, Troy leads our partnerships with OEMs.

Vadim Maximov

Dev Ninja

Vadim has been creating games all his life. Turning passion into qualification, he got a Computer Science Game Design degree. He is lead engineer ever since.

Grey Skold

Dev Pirate

A Game Design major with heavy artistic influences, Grey has been enticed by engineering sensational and innovative content. A perfect match for the team.

Bill Rappos

UX Ninja

With an engineering background, Bill has found his calling in ergonomics. Applying design principles has been integral to his personal and professional growth.